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Wolf Consulting, Inc. is the industry leader in the development, sales, and support of PC-based material optimization and planning software products. Material optimization helps companies quickly improve their coil and sheet material utilization, while reducing planning time and production cost.

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How Can Optimization Software Help Me?

  • Coils and sheet material can represent up to 80% of your total material costs. Even a small reduction in scrap or inventory costs will have a significant impact on your bottom line and profitability. Optimization software can directly improve your material utilization while reducing the time and effort in production and planning.

  • Your competition is continually implementing new processes to reduce their production costs. Using optimization software ensures that you always minimize your material costs and effort.

  • "I have a number of other important projects that must be completed -- why should I look at optimization software now?" An optimization software project is one of the most promising cost reduction projects that you can implement. The time required to evaluate and implement optimization software is minimal, while the paybacks are substantial!

Our Software Products

  • Determine the optimal master coil or sheet sizes required to produce your parts at the lowest cost.

  • Determine the optimal shearing or slitting patterns and cut sequences.

  • Are easy to implement and achieve significant cost reductions for your company.


  • Reduces scrap loss and improved material yields.

  • Reduces number of master coil or master sheet sizes.

  • Reduces planning time and effort to shear, slit, and produce parts.

  • Reduces inventory and carrying costs.

  • Improves job estimating or production scheduling.

  • Provides quick analysis of cost and material requirements.

  • The typical payback period for the SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software products is 1 to 4 months.

Reduce Scrap Loss
Our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software products will help you to analyze your material requirements and determine the optimal usage of your existing materials or the best materials to purchase for you to purchase and maintain in inventory.

Reduce Inventory
Our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software products will help you to determine which inventory will optimally produce a given production demand.

Reducing the number of different master coils or sheets that you inventory has significant benefits and savings potential. Not only do you reduce carrying costs by choosing the optimal sizes to inventory, you also reduce your scrap, transportation costs, and the number of setups required.

Additional savings may also be realized in material costs. Many suppliers reward customers who purchase larger amounts of like material vs. the equivalent amount in disparate sizes.

Reduces planning time and effort
By using computers and specialized optimization algorithms, the extremely time-consuming process of manually selecting the best coil/sheet sizes or the best cutting/slitting patterns is dramatically reduced.

Improves Estimating
Whether you are bidding on a large job or already have one in-house, you can benefit from optimization. Our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software products can quickly provide you with the information you need to estimate a job. And when you book that job, you have the reports in hand to show you the optimal way to produce it. It's a great way to get a leg up on your competition.

Evaluate Equipment Purchases
What is the best type of equipment to produce my part blanks? Do I utilize coils and a cut-to-length line, slear, or simply shear the parts out of master sheets? Should I buy a 48", 60" or 72" coil line to give me the optimal material usage?

Our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software products can assist you in determining the optimal equipment to produce your parts. By comparing the results of different "what-if" scenarios, you can quickly determine the most cost effective way to produce your parts and accurately estimate your return on investment.

Want to Learn More?
For more information about our optimization software products or consulting services, call 724-325-2900 x4, or contact us today.

Do you wish your scrap loss was lower?

Do you feel you are buying too many master coil or sheet sizes?

Are you frustrated by time-consuming manual calculations?

If so, our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software can help. Contact us to learn how.

Want more information about our material optimization software?

Contact our Sales Team, or call 724-325-2900 x4

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