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About Us

Founded in 1989, Wolf Consulting, Inc. is the industry leader in the development, sales, and support of PC-based material optimization and planning software software products.

For more than 19 years, Wolf Consulting has successfully helped numerous companies dramatically reduce material costs, inventory costs and planning time and effort.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Background

  • We are the technology and market leader in providing coil and sheet optimization solutions
  • We focus on providing premier optimization software products and consulting services.
  • We have delivered the industry's leading optimization software products since 1989.

Engineering Disciplines

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Areas of Expertise

  • Manufacturing of fabricated metal products
  • Operations Research
  • Software Development
  • Customer Service and Support

Material Optimization Software Products to Determine:

Material Optimization Software Products for:

  • Metal Product Manufacturers
  • Service Centers and Toll Processors
  • Job Shops and Custom Fabricators
  • Steel producers

Material Optimization Consulting Services for:

Want to Learn More?
For more information about our optimization software products or consulting services, call 724-325-2900 x4, or contact us today.

Do you wish your scrap loss was lower?

Do you feel you are buying too many master coil or sheet sizes?

Are you frustrated by time-consuming manual calculations?

If so, our SCOPE and COMPASS optimization software can help. Contact us to learn how.

Want more information about our material optimization software?

Contact our Sales Team, or call 724-325-2900 x4

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